the right time to do the right thing is right now.

Micanor Regis

The above statement has been uttered numerous times at Freedom Church over its existence. I am learning that it doesn’t just apply in the Church-world. It should be carried over to the business world, the education world, the shopping world, or any other world you can think of. Including the sports world.

Earlier today, Al Golden suspended one of Miami’s defensive linemen on the cusp of a game against the #2 rushing offense in NCAA - Georgia Tech. Needless to say if you know anything about football, you know that when facing a heavy rushing team, you need very good defensive linemen who can shed blocks and stop the run. However, this Saturday, Miami will be without it’s most experienced (and most healthy) defensive tackle, Micanor Regis, as he has been suspended for violating team rules. 

What rules did he break? Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Sure, in the sports world it would be justified to wait and hand out this suspension against a team like, ahem… Duke, and no one would really care. Sure it would look a little suspicious had Al Golden waited 2 more weeks to suspend Regis, but people would have justified his decision by saying, “They were playing Georgia Tech that week and Regis is a starting defensive lineman”. 

I have two thoughts about this whole situation. 

1. Regis is an idiot. Now, I really hate to call people names like this but I feel it’s warranted. I don’t know what was said in any previous tackle piles and someone may have called Regis a name or said something about his momma, but you’ve got to know that under any and all circumstances, you’ve got to keep your head and not let your emotions get the best of you. Football is a game of keeping your emotions in check. If you get too emotional in the game, you overreact and something like this, which should never happen during the course of a football game, happens.

2. Al Golden knows that the right time to do the right thing is right now. It may not be the popular choice and it may mean his team loses on Saturday afternoon, but Golden is not just about winning football games. He is about transforming these guys into men. He is teaching them about life and competition. He isn’t just trying to teach them how to succeed on a 100 yard by 53 1/3 yard patch of grass every Saturday (or Thursday) for 12 weeks. He is teaching them to succeed in life.

As a Miami Hurricanes fan (obviously), I’m thrilled at the direction Al Golden has this team headed. After dealing with all the suspensions at the beginning of this season, Golden has this team at 3-3 halfway through the season. The team could have folded and wasted their opportunity to play this season, but to their credit, they haven’t. And, as Al Golden has demonstrated, he is not afraid to make a tough decision when it’s needed. Even if it puts his team in jeopardy of not succeeding on Saturday.